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Specialist 4x4 including Land Rover Servicing in Cheltenham

We use the manufacturer's Service Schedules.

An example of our Land Rover 12000 mile service schedule is here.

All scheduled services are available.

EAS Troubleshooting - Valve block & Air Spring Faults

Improving your Range Rover, Discovery, Freelander performanceThere are two common major Faults:

1. The reason your car sinks to the bump stops every night is due a leak somewhere in the EAS system.

As a particular bag (the most common issue) slowly leaks out, the EAS system tries to add air from its reservoir to keep it inflated.

The air leak eventually drains the reservoir and then the system is forced to deflate the remaining bags to keep the vehicle level.

Over a night this can completely deflate the entire system.

Once the system is restarted in the morning, the compressor must first fill up each bag to normal height, and then it must refill its empty reservoir tank back to capacity.

2. The delay in the suspension rising in the morning is due to a worn out compressor, which is typically due to problem leaks above.

Since the compressor has to refill the tank every morning, plus each spring, it is being used beyond its intended duty cycle, adding premature wear to the unit.

Using specialist technology diagnostic equipment3. On the 2005 onwards Range Rover Sport & Discovery 3 the compressor has been upgraded 3 times. We can fit the latest version and then update the software to make this new pump work correctly.

The Valve Ring Block hardens at the reservoir hose inlet allowing the air to leak out.

The recommended solution to both problems is to update and restore the EAS system and rebuild the compressor.

We have over-hauled exchange Valve Blocks that we can fit.

We recondition these units to near new condition.

We also carry the air bellows to help keep the cost of repair to a minimum.

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